1928 – 2012

Robert stayed at Lennox Castle for 52 years, having previously resided in various care settings, prior to moving to Quarrywood Road, Barmulloch in 1999.  Very little is known of Robert’s early years but needless to say they must have been tough.  It is assumed that Robert lived in Clydebank and he often talked about his father working in John Brown’s shipyard.  Initially Robert was reluctant to leave Lennox Castle having been there for so many years but he settled quickly into his new home.  Robert shared his tenancy with his friends (most of the time), Albert Greig and was supported by Community Lifestyles.  Albert had had a similar life experience but in his case he was a long term resident at the RSNH in Larbert.

Although Robert was 70 years old when he moved to Quarrywood, he didn’t act elderly by any means , so much so that one of the first things he did when unpacking his suitcase was a Spice Girl poster on his wall, a sign of things to come!

Robert was more mobile at that time and enjoyed the freedom of getting out and about and his favourite haunts were Dixons in Argyle Street, Paddy’s Market and the Barras, where he was a well kent figure.  Latterly when visiting the Barras with Robert, some of the stallholders would greet him and relate stories of Robert dancing at the side of the music stall, complaining that he made more money than them.

Robert enjoyed meeting and socialising with old friends from Lennox Castle.  They would chat about their time spent there and the various jobs they did.  Robert would relate stories about working on a number of farms throughout Scotland and had a great knowledge of ploughs and equipment used on farms.  Other jobs he carried out at the “castle” were woodwork, making rocking chairs and tables and supporting less able residents and delivering pay slips.

Robert was a very sociable man, especially with the ladies and would often compliment them on their beauty prior to an offer of marriage.  He would have scarpered if anyone said yes, given that he treasured his independence.

Robert enjoyed a variety of social outings and clubs.  He attended his weekly art class at Project Ability for over 10 years and took great pride in his artwork , displaying some of the work at home and in Community Lifestyles offices.